"Zhoghovurd": The authorities brought before a major challenge

2013-06-01 10:23:04

According to the newspaper "Zhoghovurd" in the issue of the collection of the state budget in 2013 authorities brought before a serious problem, they just can not make charges. And now the State Revenue Committee (SRC) is trying to solve the problem by force.

The edition of the newspaper received a call from the small businessmen that these days SRC employees force to exceed the salary of the employees even in the documents.

"In my shop I have just 5 employees, I pay 60-70 thousand drams, tax inspectors are now forcing me to pay workers no less than 100,000 AMD," the citizen, who called the edition of the newspaper said. According to the citizen, in the case of salary of 100 thousand drams he will have to pay tax of 24.4 percent of this amount to the state budget, i.e., 24 000 400 drams instead of the previous 14 thousand 640 drams.

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