"Azg": The name of the candidate for Governor of Syunik is known

2013-06-04 11:33:40

According to reliable sources the newspaper "Azg" the name of the candidate to be appointed to the position of Governor of Syunik region of Armenia is already known. After Suren Khachatryan's statement on the resignation, the Governor of Syunik region will be appointed the head of the Office of Information and Public Relations of the RA Defense Ministry, General Vardan Avetisyan.

Avetisyan participated in the Artsakh war and 24 years led the biggest military unit Askaran. He is highly respected in Syunik, not only by the military, but all citizens. In the last few days after the tragedy which occurred in Goris authorities decided to resort to extreme measures and abandon Khachatryan.

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