“Aravot” : Marxist Party of Armenia: Task is not changing state vehicle’s driver with another

2014-03-07 17:23:14

Marxist Party of Armenia Chairman Davit Hakobyan, who participated in the rally on March 1, told Aravot daily that condemnatory and prosecutorial speeches were at the heart of this event, and the people are already well aware of them, the daily reports.

“According to him, the answer to the question of ‘what to do,” for which the people had assembled, was not given [at the rally].

‘“The matter is not capturing the state ‘vehicle,’ but rather being able to ‘drive’ it. Our task is not changing the state vehicle’s ‘driver’ with another, but rather creating that ‘constructor’ and the ‘construction bureau’ that will create the ‘vehicle’ of the Fourth Republic of Armenia.

‘“But everyone wants to be president,’ our interlocutor expressed his frustration,” Aravot writes.

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