168 Zham: Who hampers Armenian-Iranian relations?

2014-03-11 10:23:09

“If relations between the West and Iran improve, Armenia may increase the potential of relations with Iran.”

RegionalStudiesCenter Director, political analyst Richard Giragosian told the aforesaid to 168 Zham daily, the latter reports.

“According to Giragosian, Iran President Hassan Rouhani’s forthcoming visit to Armenia likewise may promote closer Armenian-Iranian relations, and Iran will continue to feel the need for Armenia.

“As per the political scientist, however, Armenia will need to carry out a lot of work to turn this potential into real benefits.

‘“The obstacle in closer Armenian-Iranian relations is no longer Washington, but rather Moscow; that is, before the Geneva talks, the diplomatic challenges of Armenia were not to disappoint the Americans on the Iran issue. But now, when the United States has established direct contact with Iran, the pressure on Armenia is from Moscow,’ the political scientist noted,” 168 Zham writes.

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