"168 Zham": Armenia politics turns into circus

2014-03-15 14:23:20

The consolidation of Armenia’s four non-ruling-coalition National Assembly (NA) forces is becoming more interesting and funny, 168 Zham daily writes.

“At yesterday’s [i.e., Friday] NA briefings, two [opposition political] party representatives—Ruben Hakobyan from Heritage and Aghvan Vardanyan from [the ARF] Dashnaktsutyun—expressed the same idea that if RPA [i.e. the Republican Party], the ruling [parliamentary] majority, demonstrates a willingness to solve the problems existing in the country, they may become the fifth member of the magnificent four.

“The makers of these statements seriously declare that RPA may become the fifth member of the cooperation of the non-ruling-coalition forces; [that is,] of the cooperation whose objective is ‘full change in power.’

“Politics in Armenia is steadily becoming a circus. The only problem is that while entertaining, the clowns [also] make fun of the audience,” 168 Zham writes.

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