Chicken soup reduces fever.

2012-03-11 20:31:16

Running a high fever is not fun. Even if you know that fever is a defense mechanism to kill virus and bacteria, you do not enjoy running a high fever.

How to reduce fever? Do you know that popping pill to reduce is not a good idea?

There are many ways to reduce fever naturally.
Chicken soup has been used for many years for colds, coughs, fevers and pain. Chicken soup has been known to decrease inflammation. Inflammation usually accompanies pain in injuries and illness. Chicken soup is also a "soothing" food, so it can make your child comfortable by reducing pain and soothing him.

Chicken soup can also be used when a child has a fever. A fever can cause dehydration in a child. Chicken soup can be given to hydrate a fevered child and also provide needed nutrients so that the child's immune system can fight the fever.

Chicken soup contains protein to help your body to recover. Once your body recovers from the attack of virus and bacteria, the fever will go away.


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