"Haykakan Zhamanak": ARF-D prepares for rally.

2012-03-27 10:09:57

The opposition Armenian Revolutionary Federation – Dashnaksutyun (ARF-D) schedules its first pre-election rally for April 10, the paper says, citing the ARF-D's central office.

It reminds the readers that the party is also going to meet with the residents of Armenia’s regions ahead of the May 6 parliament polls. The Yerevan City Hall has reportedly taken into consideration ARF-D member Armen Roustamyan’s notice on the April 10 event which will take place on Yerevan's Liberty Square.

According to the paper, the Rule of Law party is also planning a gathering on the Square two days before the ARF-D’s rally. It emerged yesterday that the City Hall has considered their notice too, the paper says, adding that the coalition party is not going to organize a procession.

Further it says that the municipal authorities have also approved the opposition Armenian National Congress’ (ANC) notice on holding a rally and a subsequent procession on March 30.

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