100-percent and greater voter turnout was recorded solely at nine precincts - CEC Chairman Tigran Mukuchyan.

2012-05-09 14:43:46

There was no region, during Armenia’s May 6 National Assembly elections, where there was a 100-percent voter turnout. The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) Chairman Tigran Mukuchyan stated this, during a press conference on Wednesday, commenting on the opposition representatives’ claims that there was a 100-percent and greater voter turnout at several constituencies.

As per Mukuchyan, such turnout was recorded solely at nine precincts, and these are only preliminary data. It became apparent that the CEC had posted on web all data received from the constituency electoral commissions, and, in most likelihood, that is why certain inaccuracies were recorded.

“No substantial violation or deviation was found after the inspections. Ballot stuffing and violations would have clearly appeared during the recount,” Tigran Mukuchyan said.

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