Ex-foreign minister Vartan Oskanian is against PAP’s entrance to ‘unreal coalition’.

2012-05-11 14:47:14

Ex-foreign minister Vartan Oskanian is against formation of coalition between the Prosperous Armenia party (PAP) and the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA).

Speaking to reporters today, PAP member Oskanian stressed that it is his personal opinion and not the party’s.

‘I cannot speak on behalf of the party as the opinions inside it differ. The united decision has not been made yet,’ the ex-foreign minister said, adding that he is against PAP’s entrance to ‘unreal coalition’.

Oskanian said currently party’s leader Gagik Tsarukyan is listening to different opinions over the matter.

According to him, in case of formation of the coalition the formal political monopoly will continue with the RPA being the only majority. ‘In this case it will bear the whole responsibility alone. I will never take a responsibility for arrangements of unreal coalition,’ Oskanian said, not answering whether it means he will pull out from the party but not reject his mandate.

The ex-foreign minister said the refusal to form a coalition will allow the PAP set a counterbalance which will be beneficial for the people and the state, not the PAP. ‘It will give an opportunity to solve issues in the parliament, to try to eliminate the political monopoly in Armenia, it is the worst evil. I personally will fight against it till the end,’ he said.

Oskanian said he is not yet considering being the PAP candidate at the presidential elections, saying it is early to think about it.

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