PAP yet on April 25 rose a question on testing stamp ink - Vartan Oskanian.

2012-05-11 20:36:03

In the May 6 parliamentary elections the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) employed new election rigging methods.

At a Thursday meeting of the joint campaign headquarters, Vartan Oskanian, a member of the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP), spoke of phased election rigging: ink vanishing, inflated voters’ lists, unprecedented voter turnout early in the morning, vote count, etc..

“After all this, have I the right to doubt that there was a plan,” Oskanian asked.

He mentioned that the PAP yet on April 25, during the Monitoring Committee summed by NA Chairman, in which the party also attended, rose a question on the occation of ink demanding to carry out a test before the elections but it was not implemented at the end. Then the CEC Chairman just called all this nonsense. 

He noted that the publication of post-election lists of voters would answer the questions. However, Armenia’s Constitutional Court ruled such a procedure unconstitutional.

So 86 percent of Armenia’s voters participated in the voting, which is absurd. Even in democratic states voter turnout does not exceed 50%, Oskanian said.


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