Positive assessments to the activity of the Monitoring Group adjunct to the RA NA Speaker.

2012-05-11 23:05:54

On May 11 a sitting of the Monitoring Group adjunct to the RA National Assembly Speaker with the participation of the political forces, representatives of the NGOs and international organizations was held.
First, the NA Speaker Samvel Nikoyan presented the steps taken in solving the issues raised in the previous sitting. In particular, the events which have been initiated on the use of disappearing inks ahead of time of the stamps being put on the voters’ passports, as well as on the issues of organizing events of campaigning character in the educational institutions. The other works, being done within the framework of the Group’s activity, re also introduced which were assessed positive by the local and foreign participants. Proposals were made in this dimension on the expediency of organizing works later, too.
Mr Nikoyan stressed that one of the important missions of the Working Group was the monitoring of the use of the new provisions of the Electoral Code, disclosing to what extent they were vital in electoral processes. Different observations were sounded, it was decided to collect the recommendations in written form and appropriately submit them to the National Assembly of the fifth convocation.
The NA Speaker thanked all the parties for concerning participation and effective cooperation. He especially highlighted the activity of the NGOs, underscoring the expediency of using their potential in the works of the parliament at the utmost, too.
It was decided to make united statement in connection with the works done by the Monitoring Group adjunct to the NA Speaker.


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