Galust Sahakyan on Aram Sargsyan`s cooperation with the ruling wing.

2012-05-12 15:28:20

RPA vice-chairman Galust Sahakyan during the talk with referring to Republic party leader Aram Sargsyan's rejecting his mandate and possibility of withdrawing from the ANC, said they have no problem to comment on this step, "I can't give certain assessments, I believe in Sargsyan, maybe how he explained it is like this," mentioned Galust Sahakyan.
To the question, whether the latter considered possible Aram Sargsyan's cooperation with the ruling wing, Sahakyan said, "Such an issue has never been thought over, or discusses ever. Such relationships can't have an end in itself. As of current moment there are no such certain political approaches, it means the need of this or political condition is not yet clear," mentioned RPA vice-chairman.


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