CEC tabulated final parliamentary election results.

2012-05-13 22:46:45

Armenia’s Central Election Commission has finished the tabulation of the May 6 parliamentary election results.

At their ad hoc session on Sunday, the Commission members drew up a protocol, summing up the final outcomes.

CEC Chairman mentioned that totally there were 2 501 597 voters in Armenia, 1 573 053 of which participated in parliamentary elections. 53 831 ballots were recognized as invalid. 

Addressing the meeting, CEC Chairman Tigran Mukuchyan introduced the number of the ballot papers cast in favor of each political party. 

The vote count thus revealed that 454,673 people (30.12%) balloted for Prosperous Armenia, 86,998 (5.76%)– for the opposition Heritage party, 106,903 (7.08%) – for the opposition alliance Armenian National Congress (ANC), 85,550 (5.67%) – for the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaksutyun (ARF-D), 5,577 (0.37%)– for the Democratic Party of Armenia, 15,899 (1.5%) – for the Communist Party, 664,440 (44.02%) – for ruling the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), 2,945 (0.20%) – for the United Armenians. and 83,123 (5.51%) – for the Rule of Law party.

Number of inaccuracies was 3355.

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