The authorities worked as accurately as a jeweler in parliamentary elections - Arshak Sadoyan.

2012-05-14 13:26:26

The authorities worked as accurately as a jeweler to hide serious vote riggings from observers, Arshak Sadoyan, a former parliament member, has said, commenting on May 6 parliamentary elections in Armenia.

“This election was positive in that it saw no flagrant violations that could raise the international observers’ discontent,” he told reporters on Monday.

“The authorities resorted to a very interesting step this time, leaving the wolves satisfied and the sheep alive,” the politician noted.

Sadoyan, who is now the leader of the National Democrats’ Union party, said he is very much surprised by the opposition alliance’s move to establish friendly ties with the coalition Prosperous Armenia party (PAP).

He said he never believed that the Armenian Pan-national Movement, which is a central force in the opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC), really sought to change the regime. According to him, the party strived more to re-establish its role in politics, returning at least some of its seats in parliament after a 10-year interval.

“I have never believed that the ANC or the representatives of APNM wanted to re-establish power. All they sought was to resume their roles in Armenia’s politics and gain seats in the National Assembly,” he added.

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