I am definitely happy that the ANC passed to parliament - singer Shushan Petrosyan.

2012-05-15 23:58:03

Armenian singer and newly elected RPA MP Shushan Petrosyan will deal with cultural issues in the National Assembly. The singer informed about this during the talk with LURER.com, mentioning that "the theme will be culture."
Speaking about the RPA's possible coalition with different political parties, the singer said, "I am definitely in favor of this. In general, I think that everything should have been common for Armenia. This is my principle, and I'm in favor of the coalition."
Referring to the question how she behaved the ANC's entering the parliament, RPA MP said that she was glad to see the bloc in the NA.
"I am definitely happy that the ANC passed to parliament. When I read that some members refuse to enter the NA, I don't understand them as I think that it is very important that everybody will not think in the same way and that all will think about Armenia and not their personal ambitions," mentioned Shushan Petrosyan.

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