If the coalition is formed, the PAP will lose, the RPA will win - Armen Badalyan.

2012-05-17 13:06:42

According to political engineer Armen Badalyan, Prosperous Armenia will suffer great should it form a coalition with the ruling Republican party.

Speaking at a news conference today, Badalyan said if the PAP does so the public will associate it with the Rule of Law party.

“The PAP is gradually reducing to the level of the Rule of Law party. People have voted for them considering the Prosperous Armenia party an alternative force. Gagik Tsarukyan received votes because he was not Arthur Baghdasaryan. If the coalition is formed, the PAP will lose its electorate,” the political engineer said.

Should the PAP form a coalition it will lose its resources for ensuring electorate in the 2017 parliamentary elections.

“Irrespective of any substantiation for forming the coalition, the PAP will lose, the RPA will win,” Badalyan said.

If the party refuses to form the coalition it will have two fates: it will automatically become an opposition. “But if it preserves the same quality, it will weaken. If it undergoes qualitative change it may develop in future,” Badalyan said.

In his words, the RPA does not need forming a coalition as it already has 75 mandates, with the Rule of Law party’s counted.

“When we say Republican party, we mean the RoL as well, theoretically, they do not need coalition,” the political engineer said.

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