The PAP cannot become an opposition force - Heritage party rep Styopa Safaryan.

2012-05-24 14:42:19

“The post election period of parliamentary elections does not differ from the previous ones, because people do not have great expectations,” head of “Heritage” Party faction Styopa Safaryan said.

According to Mr Safaryan the parties have not undertaken active post-election measures, because the parliamentary elections deserve less public interest and citizens whose votes were bought would not take to streets.

Speaking about RPA-PAP potential coalition, S Safaryan said: “I have never suspected, and I don’t even suspect now that coalition will be formed.”

However, when the reporters said that PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan has already declared the party will not form a coalition with RPA, Mr Safaryan said: “It doesn’t matter, PAP cannot change its positions in the political field, it cannot become an opposition force. The risks will be high for them.”

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