ANC won`t stop street rallies - ANC coordinator Levon Zurabyan (Video).

2012-05-25 16:34:23

By winning seats in the National Assembly, the Armenian National Congress does not cease to be an extra-parliamentary opposition, an activist of the alliance has said. Speaking to reporters on Friday, ANC coordinator Levon Zurabyan said they will continue their street rallies after the new appointments in the executive. “Shortly after the formation of the new cabinet we will our new rally to convey serious messages to the people. Our street campaign will continue as long as Armenia sees free and fair elections,” he said. As for snap elections, Zurabyan said he is not sure whether such demand will be voiced at their coming rallies. “Once we develop our political agenda, we will let the people know whether we are calling for snap elections or lawfulness in the scheduled polls,” he said, not ruling out the possibility of addressing such concerns as elimination of monopolies and other issues.

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