Who ordered Ded Hassan's murder? (video)

2013-01-18 13:28:28

The second attempt to kill Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hassan) succeeded. Three years ago, they have tried to do so, but they only wounded the most famous thief in law. Then there were rumors in the criminal world, that Ded's treatment mobilized cutting-edge medicine. The general criminal of the world has recovered from a serious injury in two weeks.

This time they failed to save him, they were only able to take him to Botkin hospital, the admissions of which Ded Hassan entered "stepped" in history as the most famous and raspiarenny thief of all time.

Newspapers, TV, radio relished the details of his life (and now death) with such zeal as if a politician he of tfirst echelon. Perhaps this is the only domestic thief, whose name is known to everyone along with Putin's and Alla Pugacheva's names.

By frequency of mention in the media in the criminal world he had not equal to him, and the degree of political influence could compete with him, except the one, that died in the late 80's of the last century, Valerian Kuchuloriya (Peso), who was considered as much informal referent of the head of the Soviet KGB, the all-powerful Yuri Andropov.

Ded Hassan's death was the result of the "war of succession of Zachariah Kalashev (Shakro-young)," another criminal heavyweight. After Shakro left Spain, the question was who would be in charge of his bereaved household.

Top contenders for the estate were two, the thieves Lasha Shushinashvili and Mirab Dzhangviladze. Then he pulled up to the conflict and the most-most criminal cream - Usoyan (Ded Hasan), Vyacheslav Ivankov (Yaponchik), Tariel Oniani (Taro). Thieves war raged on, soon most of the lawyers were involved in the conflict. Thieves were divided into two camps, bitterly hating each other. The war was waged not only in Russia.

Yaponchik was killed in Moscow, Malkhaz Kitiyu (Mahoney) was killed in Greece, and Vladimir Janashia (Lado) in Marseilles. The most amazing thing is that in the course of these operations «casus belli» resorbed, channel cashing defeated the Spanish police. A ban gambling in Russia deprived sense the struggle for control over the casino, but the heat of passion is not affected.

Like any absolutist, Ded Hassan needed a loyal supporter who could take the place of leaving the past thieves traditionalists. Ded crowned dozens of criminal authorities that they should be grateful to him for their status.

Traditionalists did not recognize the new shift, but could not stop the process. Even the intervention of the patriarch of the criminal world, Georgian thief Gigi Chikovani had no effect, even though the old man was able to insist on the fact that thieves could decorate the crown head neophyte with the consent of the representatives of both clans.

The immediate reason for Ded's murder began with his attempt to declare Jamal Mikeladze (Jemo). But do not think that without this conflict Usoyan will live. Ded is not Jemo's victim and even not the victim of thieves leaders behind Jamo. He sacrifices his own reform - an effort to make "the brotherhood of people dashing" in hierarchical pyramid easily managed in accordance with the political spirit of our time.


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