Why did Arame's bride wear a white dress? (photos)

2013-02-20 12:41:57

Recently, there are rumors about Armenian singer Arame's personal life, in particular, on his engagement to singer Anna. However, Arame's personal life does not interfere to his career, he combines well with one another. Arame started shooting a new video based on the song "You, you, you." Who is the addressee of the song, is not hard to guess.

"Song is for an easy topic. In the video, I come in the form designer, who presents his collection of wedding dresses. The choice of wedding dresses is due to the fact that the audience do not discuss clothing. Wedding dress is beautiful itself. My friends Martin Mkrtchyan Hripsime Hakobyan Aram Nikoyan, Avet Barseghyan, Arsen Grigoryan and Richard Madlenyan are also invited to be shot, and they act as spectators."

The singer said that recently he uses the services of different authors, as in the last period for some reason he could not write songs.


Arame's bride Anna was also present at the shooting, who also was in a white dress. What will be the role of Anna in the video, it will become clear only after the clip, the couple was trying to keep it a secret.


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