"Hraparak": Sashik Sargsyan has a very negative view of the inauguration ceremony of Raffi Hovannisian

2013-04-10 09:43:42

To the question of the newspaper "Hraparak", in what mood he came to the inauguration, Serzh Sargsyan's brother Levon Sargsyan said: "Naturally, with pride and joy, with what mood could I come?". What is your attitude to the process of swearing in Liberty Square? "This is not a process, and I am not interested in it, I'm a serious person." Your parents will be here, too? "No". What do they feel, will they follow the inauguration? "I think that they will watch and again with pride and joy."

Sashik Sargsyan very briefly answered the question, in what mood he came to the inauguration- festive. How do you feel about the inauguration of Raffi Hovannisian? "It is very negative." Why? "The oath should take elected President, and not vice versa," he said.

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