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Government is in extremely tense situation

There has never been such a degree of tension in Tigran Sargsyan's government as much it was today. Sargsyan, after his seemingly smooth reappointment, everything seems to take a very different course.

Huge crowd gathered in front of the government building in the morning. The news of rise of gas price gas made everybody awake- those, who have opposition- radical or moderate views, came to say "no" to the Government and its policy. There were rises of prices of food before increase of gas price became known (sour cream of "Marianna" company, which was sold for 400 AMD, became 490 AMD).

During the session of the government Prime Minister's assurances, that the government will subsidize the price of gas for 30%, can cause a grin. Energy, transportation, consumer products, all will increase, salaries and pensions will remain unchanged. Over the background of all this forecasts of socal protest is starting to become real.

Fire of "Spayka" company at night, in its turn, seems to be yet another challenge for the government. Exhale of leading agricultural products, even if it is temporary, can impact on economic growth. And Serzh Sargsyan this time seems that was not joking. Government activities will be directly dependent on the registered results, which should be substantial and significant. If there will be results, people will notice the results, if not-then "Goodbye, Vasya." 

This year 6-7% economic growth is planned. So far Tigran Sargsyan's provided 7.5% growth (which was considers as a talentless drawing by all economic commentators ) to preserve something is impossible at present.

Sunday's hail, which had irreversible consequences for agriculture, has put the planned growth in doubt. For many years the state budget emptied millions, various types of officials "filled" their pockets with money of anti-hail stations. Villagers are not only warned, moreover, are left defenseless. Anti-hail stations do not operate, by the way, do not operate, for some incomprehensible and ridiculous reasons.

The Ministry of Agriculture announced that they had nothing to do with anti-hail stations, they are under the supervision of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and everything connected with them is"ok", that they had gone there, counted the damage, farmers got advisory leaflets, they shot a video about what they need to do, all day long they show that on regional TV, and the Ministry of Emergency Situations in general, does not even try to justify, blames village heads... And this is in case when there are more than 100 anti-hail stations in the region which are able to offset the damage fully.

After the session in the Government, as a rule, the Ministers were coming out of the main entrance and gave answers to journalists' questions. Excluding rare pathological cases, usually members of the executive were able to solve problems placing in order by illustrating them.

As the Government's Ministers have recently left the building from secret back doors to avoid reporters, naturally questions remain unanswered, their problems unsolved.

Today Minister's Chief of Staff, Minister Vache Gabrielyan has presented new government's program, which tomorrow will be sent to the National Assembly. And on Monday, the legislative body will start its discussion, and taking into account all existing and potential factors, it must decide whether to trust this government and allow the latter to work, or...

Lusine Kesoyan


24 May
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