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Leopard can’t change its spots or go “Va banque” for Great Turan


In the face of a coronavirus that has turned the world upside down, when there are calls from all the parts of the world (including the spiritual ones) to unite the humanity, there is a country that clearly differs from the rest with its obvious aggressive behavior and wolfish insatiable appetite. This refers to Turkey, which skillfully uses even the smallest differences between the countries and lands on its feet like a trained cat. Despite the obviously tense relations with all its neighbors (except Azerbaijan), that country continues to carry out military actions in Syria, Iraq and Libya. After the provocation related to the "re-profiling" and "re-opening" of the St. Sophia Cathedral by Turkey a few days ago, the already strained relationships between Turkey and Greece have become even tenser. Both the situation on the Armenian- Azerbaijani border and the large-scale terrorist attacks against Armenians in various Russian cities, as its result, also are the Turkish "responsibility." Turkey is behind of all of that. Moreover, Turkey has already started threatening Armenia on the state level. Few days ago in his speech,  Erdogan began to consider the problems related to Syria, Iraq, Libya and Armenia on the same plane According to the political analysts, placing Armenia in the same category in fact was an unprecedented, clear message with a military context. Where is Turkey going, why do the main geopolitical players tolerate such reckless behavior of our neighbor? To clarify these and other issues, we talked with political analyst Arbak Khachatryan, who, by the way, has repeatedly referred to the dangerous intentions of Turkey in mass media (see here).

According to the political analysts today Turkey, both by its behavior and its actions, has become a parasite of civilization, devoid of "elementary literacy" of civilization, exclusively enjoying the work and merit of others, a global headache, which can no longer be tolerated

- Mr. Khachatryan, do you still consider Turkey a destructive, malignant entity from which the world must get rid of as soon as possible?

-Yes, definitely. This country has become a real headache for everyone except for the ideologues of "Great Turan" - Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.  In the context of the collapse of the current world order based on the financial and banking system. It is becoming increasingly impossible to curb the appetite of Turkey, which has obvious ambitions to create a neo-Ottoman empire. In other words, the mechanisms capable of restraining Turkey can no longer be as effective as before. To understand the logic of current developments, a small historical excursion is needed. The nomadic tribes emerged from the eastern steppes managed to unite and create the Ottoman Empire, which, by its area, is considered to be one of the largest in the history of mankind. Invading Europe in 1354 and conquering the Balkan Peninsula, the nomads actually managed to grow into an Intercontinental Empire. I think it should be noted that the complete conquest of Europe was prevented only by the victory of Spain in a decisive battle. Nevertheless, I would like to draw your attention to a historically remarkable, very symbolic fact. In fact, nomads who emerged from the steppes and were completely devoid of value system ​​ managed to conquer the capital of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople, and became the graveyard of the same empire. It is true that the Ottoman Empire suffered the same fate centuries later, but the Ottomans, or if you like, the neo-Ottomans, did not have the insatiable and savage thirst to break, crush, and take possession of other people's property. An additional proof of this was the official renaming of Constantinople to Istanbul in 1930 (for the sake of emphasizing the civilizational difference, let me mention that after the conquest of Paris, Hitler did not even think of renaming the city. (smiles)

So, the conversion of the Hagia Sophia into a "mosque", in the light of the above facts, contains nothing sensational. Another possible danger is the escalation of inter-religious clashes due to the historical importance of St. Sophia church for the Orthodox Christians. I think that the inhabitants of Islamic countries would make a huge noise if the mosques were turned into churches. Even if they were more civilized, they would have prevented that blasphemy. I would like to note that the reopening of the Hagia Sophia as a mosque was a hard slap in the face of Russia.

- In fact, is Turkey provoking with this step? After all, what is its purpose?

- In fact, Turkey provokes the West consistently, including the issues in Syria, Crimea, Iran and the Artsakh conflict. Syria, which has a history of thousands of years, for example, today is attacked by nomads from the steppes, who are lack ​​of value priorities, while the superpowers, guided by some geopolitical calculations, instead of stopping Turkey, talk only about imposing sanctions on it. Unfortunately, the same geopolitical centers continue to be guided by selfish approaches, which Turkey uses to a greater extent. This is the same logic of the Ottoman Empire. Europe failed to accomplish the mission of "civilizing the Turks". The opposite happened. Today the European Union is filled with a large number of Turks. In my opinion, geopolitical centers should quickly reconsider their priorities, especially since the world is no longer the same.

Look, the Turkish army is one of the strongest ones in NATO, but the same Germany and France are announcing today that NATO has lost its former significance. However, in "real politics" this fact is not manifested in any way, which is what Turkey uses when talking to the West, Russia and Iran in the language of blackmail. I especially want to emphasize this. The major players in the world must first be able to create a system of government governed exclusively by the principle of justice, and then only pass to the restraint of a country that threatens humanity.

-It is interesting to hear your opinion on the double standards used by the superpowers of the world. Do you think that the same powerful people are able to subordinate their own interests for the sake of a greater goal?

-You raise a very relevant and interesting question. It is not a secret that for the sake of their own interests, the superpowers of the world often sacrifice even their unconditionally loyal allies. Take at least Russian-Turkish relations. It is a fact. As soon as Russia softens its position a little, Turkey immediately "starts to work" on different fronts.

But here we come across a very strange and funny fact. The more hostile Turkey's position towards Russia becomes, the more the latter responds with "love". The most recent example was the decision to "open the door" of Antalya to Russian tourists in the face of the epidemic. I can not be silent about the other remarkable fact.

It is a well-known fact that the Armenian-Turkish border is under the control of Russian border guards. In other words, for Russia it has a meaning of a state significance, right? In this case, isn’t it surprising these regular manifestations of "love" towards the indirectly shooting enemy? I wonder if Russia would do the same to its boarder country that has unfriendly attitude towards it? And this is not a rhetorical question at all, and we really want to get the answers to these questions for our own safety. Maybe this is a mutually agreed game, a game whose ultimate goal is known only to them, who knows…

- Mr. Khachatryan, you have always stood out with your ability to foresee the course of events. I wonder what is expected in the near future.

- In short, I would like to say that it is time to destroy the financial and banking system-"brain centers" of artificially created states and non-effective means. the "financial centers" Today, the United States is also on that boarder.

I have mentioned many times and I will say it again, that the election of a merchant as the President of the country will lead the United States to collapse. Who would have thought a few mounts ago what the collapse of international stock exchange and the oil market would have led the world economy to? We witness how something which was considered to be indestructible is completely collapsing. The United States, which has taken on the role of the world's teacher, is already trying to withstand the first wave of shocks.

The United States showed its "civilized" face with the murder of the black man killed by the police officer and the subsequent events. The person who was repeatedly convicted on charges of rape and drug distribution was buried in a golden coffin. Look what kind of disorder are taking place now all over the country. Murders are committed, shops and houses are destroyed and robbed. Is this civilized America?

For comparison, when there was an explosion at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, no riots were reported, no shops were robbed. People showed enviable unity. Remember, the same thing happened during the Spitak earthquake.

This is what it means to be civilized. And today, the United States, created on the bones of Indians, declares that "refugees must return to their former homes."  So how not to tell them the following, "Listen, first you shall bring the Indians back to their homeland."

I would like to return to the main topic and say again. Artificially created countries will disappear in the near future. Life and the logic of developments are the proof to that. As I have already mentioned, a very ambitious state like Turkey with the wolf appetite has also serious problems. In the form of Uyghurs - with China, the secret dream for Crimea - with Russia, in the form of Artsakh և Nakhichevan - with Armenia, in the form of Northern Cyprus with Greece, and in terms of being the "first fiddle" in the region - with Iran.

In addition, Turkey blackmails and gets money from Europe to prevent the flow of refugees from African countries. Moreover, the neo-Ottoman ambitions of this parasitic country and the "blue dream" of creating a Great Turan seem to be put into practice, which must be prevented at all costs. It will be prevented, as the classic would say, "The old man" becomes unbearable…

From editorial stuff In Fact, Arbak Khachatryan had very optimistic expectations about Turkey when he expressed the hope that "the Turkish people would be developed enough to recognize the fact of the Armenian Genocide, and the Armenian people would be strong enough to forgive the Turkish crime". It is interesting how Kant would have viewed the idea of the necessity of destroying the Turkish state from the point of view of saving humanity in the context of his well-known universal morality.

Addition on 2 hours after the interview was published

In response to questions raised on the Internet about how the collapse of Turkey is possible or which state (s), according to Arbak Khachatryan, will be formed on the territory of modern Turkey, the analyst noted the following: "When the financial and economic centers of the world collapse or change, not only individual geopolitical units (States) disappear, but also civilizations. Instead, new ones are created. Look at the history of mankind - from the Sumerians to Byzantium. And this applies not only to Turkey.The rest is after!".

The conversation was conducted by V. Margaryan


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