Mashtots Park activists plan a protest in front of the Government building.

2012-03-15 10:47:35

The situation in Yerevan’s Mashtots Park was calm in the morning after a Wednesday clash between the police and activists.
The group is said to be planning a protest in front of the Government building later today.

The group declared a sit-in protest in the park on March 13, calling upon the municipal authorities to dismantle the kiosks placed there. To note, yesterday night, the policemen dragged the only tent from the area through force, notwithstanding the people sleeping inside.

Yerevan mayor Taron Margaryan’s decision to move the kiosks of Abovyan street to the park had angered environmentalists, and public and political figures.

Some 10,000 people later joined a petition, expressing support to the activists’ plan to take down the structures.

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