Opposition member briefs OSCE/OIDHR observation mission on election violations.

2012-05-15 21:13:23

Coordinator of the central office of opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC) bloc Levon Zurabyan met with the head of OSCE/OIDHR observation mission Radmila Šekerinska.

They discussed preparation for the final OSCE/OIDHR final report. Levon Zurabyan briefed the OSCE official on election violations registered by ANC bloc during the May 6 parliamentary elections. He spoke about inaccuracy of the voter lists, reports on voter turnout and bribery cases adding that the elections were fully rigged.

ANC coordinator and Radmila Šekerinska touched upon the work of joint headquarters set to monitor the elections, as well as issues related to lawsuit to the Constitutional Court to recognize the elections invalid.

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